(Updated 11th November 2006)

Unfortunately it just isn't possible for me any more to dedicate the level of time that I had in the past to sites like Creative's forum and Nomadnes.net, so I don't visit them any more. I'm leaving these pages here though for those that find them useful.

A longstanding gadget of mine over the last 2 or 3 years has been the Nomad Jukebox series of MP3 players by Creative Labs. I used to own a Nomad Jukebox 1, upgraded to 30 Gb, and now own a Nomad Jukebox 3, upgraded to 40 Gb.

I have been a long time resident poster (and helper?) on Creative's USA based Products.Nomad Usenet group, Creative's European web board, and I help moderate the Nomadness forums, as well as mostly write the   Nomadness FAQs. These links are repeated, and added to, below...

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Internal links on this site:

Wishlist - a wishlist of items I have compiled from ideas I've had, and various forums (the only public wishlist I know of)

Bugs - a list of current bugs with the Nomad players (the only public bug list I know of)

The Nomad Primer - AKA Nomad 101, or How To Get The Most From Your Nomad. Very useful for a beginner and novice

Hints and tips - a short list of undocumented and/or useful features

Some external Nomad Jukebox links:

Nomadness.net - the best independent web site on the Nomad players and probably the best site generally. I have helped write some of the FAQ's (FAQ links: NJB1, NJB2, NJB3, Zen)

Nomadworld.com - Creative Labs official world-wide site for the Nomad Jukebox

MP3 Library - an excellent transfer program for the NJB1 (and much more besides), plus an excellent ID3 tagger in its own right

Red Chair software - makers of Notmad Explorer, a good alternative to PlayCentre for all Nomad players

Hard disk upgrade links:

NJB1 Nomadness - recommended method as it uses the easy bootcode flasher

NJB1 Tom's Hardware - good because it has pictures, but does not include bootcode flasher instructions

NJB3 Nomadness - a good, and the only, guide for upgrading the NJB3

Zen (Rudi Cheow) - Rudi Cheow's excellent Zen Upgrade Guide

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