One of my favourite hobbies is cycling. Sometimes I do it a lot, other times not (I sound like Dr. Seuss!), but my favourite place to cycle is a large local woods called Alice Holt, which I am lucky to have nearby. Some Alice Holt links: (Update: Since I've moved to Brazil (and haven't taken my bike with me) I'm not cycling so much now (at least not in UK forests!). But I've left this page intact for what it's worth :-)

Forestry Commission Site - has lots of information about the forest

Environmental Change Network - has a nice aerial picture of the forest

Hampshire County Council - PDF file with cycling information for the forest.

My current bike is the Compay by BMC Racing; which is mountain bike style with hardtail and front suspension forks. Pedals are modified for Shimano SPD cleat shoes. Great bike! My second (and previous) bike is a Trek 750, which has a hybrid frame.

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