For a few years I've been a big fan of the Volkswagen Corrado, and about 6 years ago decided that enough was enough and I had to have one. I made the slight mistake of buying the smaller engined 2.0l 16V version to begin with, but rectified this in Xmas 2001 by buying an N reg (1996 - last year of manufacture) 2.9l VR6 version, in gorgeous midnight blue with black leather interior.

Update: Unfortunately I had to sell my beloved Corrado when I moved to Brazil (Feb 2004), but I'll leave this page alive as a testament to this gorgeous car :-)

Some quick specs. on the VR6 (for my own edification if anything!):

  • 0 - 60 = 6.5 seconds
  • BHP = 190
  • Top speed = 144 mph
  • A link to the Corrado Club of Great Britain (I guess I ought to join one day ;-)

    Some pictures of my old Corrado (click on thumbnails for bandwidth hungry versions):


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