Here are some of the comments I've received from readers of the site, primarily about the Donnie Darko pages. Thanks to everyone who's commented so far, it's very much appreciated. If you've got a comment to make then drop me an email and maybe I'll add it here:

"I was looking for great explanations about Donnie Darko movie, and so I found your webpage which is one of the most precious I've ever read."

-- Yohan Attal

"Obviously you've been doing mega work on your Darko site for years, and yeah, some of us find it later rather than sooner. (So we value your updates!!) I've been mostly a lurker on the IMDb's DD boards, but have always delighted in your posts; only recently did I get around to looking at your site . . . and that was because only recently could I afford to buy the (original) DVD."

-- Fiona Kellagher

"I liked it - especially the Donnie Darko stuff. Very informative and enjoyable."

-- Natalie Alexander

"Just dropping an email to congratulate you on a superb website."

-- Sylvia Fernandez

"I was just surfing the internet for Jake Gyllenhal-because I think he is a great actor and i love Donnie Darko- and i came across your site.....It's great :)"

-- Nathalie

"Hi, just wanted to say that I spent some time on your site and enjoyed it last night."

-- Nigel Cox

"Fantastic explanation of a marvelous film. Thank you very much!"

-- Vex

"I really enjoyed Donnie Darko, I also enjoyed your web-site you put much effort into it"

-- Tanya Jackson

"I saw your Donnie Darko FAQ, which is really good"

-- Kevin Foster

"Your web page wanted me to tell you how crap your website is, but it isn’t that crap after all, sorry."

-- Lee Matthew

"thanks so much for putting up those FAQs, you saved me the countless hours I would have spent watching the movie to figure some stuff out."

-- Brian Kincaid

"i would like to thank you for this wonderful, and helpful site."

-- ShawnMarie Douglas

"Thanks for listening and nice web site."

-- Rob Roselle

"Great site and thanks."

-- Damono

"My mind was reeling after watching the movie, so naturally I came to the internet to find answers and interpretations. I really enjoyed your page. Everything about your explanation was reasonable and didn't leave any question I had unanswered. I understand your interpretation is only one and I'm left to wonder about others, but I wanted you to know that I liked yours."

-- Melissa Stanley

"Great site, I've learned quite a bit from it."

-- Calingrin

"I was reading the Donnie Darko FAQ that was put together on your website and I'd just like to thank you for taking the time to do so. The film isn't the most clear cut in the world (one of my favourite qualities of it), and it has been a really useful tool in helping me enjoy the film more on a second viewing."

-- Tom

"A great help for me!"

-- Kees

"thanks for your document. i sat and pondered well into the hours last night after watching the director's cut on DVD. your synopsis is close to perfect."

-- Bob

"I love your Donnie Darko website. I really appreciate that you went to the trouble to make the site. It really helped me understand the film."

-- Priya

"Thanks a lot your faq was extremely enlightening, cleared up the plot a lot."

-- Conor Ghose

"after reading your faq on donnie darko, i can appreciate the film a lot more!"

-- Adam Willerton

"You have a really cool Darko site there, which answered a lot of questions."

-- Thomas Ella

"Thank you! Your website was SO helpful and very insightful. It answered so many of my questions and really went into great depth describing the movie. I really enoyed and appreciated your website, so thanks for doing that!"

-- Lila Korpell

"CONGRATULATIONS for your DD website. I found it highly informative and liked it so very much, mainly because I simply adore the movie, it's a complete masterpiece."

-- Jose Dequech

"Great web page and FAQ"

-- Anthony Clark

"Just saw the movie last night for the first time. Thanks for your FAQ. You cleared up a lot for me which will allow me to sleep tonight."

-- Eric Nerenberg

"I'm glad that you have taken your time and efforts to help those who need a little understanding and also in answering questions about the movie."

-- Shua

"I wanted to thank you for you FAQ, it was quite enlightening."

-- Elizabeth Jessen

"Ok, first off your site kicks complete ass…"

-- Daniel Horner

"Thanks for taking the time to write the donnie darko guide, i throughly enjoyed reading it"

-- Lewis Wells

"First off your website kicks ass"

-- Blue

"FAQ blows me away. I watched the original movie last year 2004, and have since been tossing around the meaning in my head. About two days ago I bought the directors cut...that really helped clear up a lot of the questions that were unresolved in my head. But honestly, your FAQ has opened a whole new vision of this movie for me. I promise I won't share your insight with first time viewers (wife, friends) but I'll let them seeth on it for a while before I share. Thanks for the the movie, probably even more now due to your excellent FAQ!"

-- Richard Folks

"I ran into your website doing a search for Donnie Darko FAQ. I have not gone to step 2 yet since... well, you cant go back :) Anyway... I looked at all your pictures from Brazil and you got a fan. You got a nice website.Looks like a lot of fun..."

-- Fabricio

"Your FAQ provided wonderful information on the movie and answered all my questions. Even ones I dind't know to ask yet!"

-- David Maruca

"thank you so much, i watched the movie and picked up on most of the plot (in my interpretation) but the ending with him dying puzzled me, so you're way of seeing it cleared my mind, the movie is now perfect to me and i want to greatly thank you for doing an FAQ on Donnie Darko"

-- JD Murray

"You're website helped to settle a (dispute?) conversation that I and some friends were having about this movie. We had just watched it for the first time and were having a heated debate. Long story short - I'm really very glad that your FAQ came about when it did."

-- Jeff Ramage

"Very informative page with good links about Donnie Darko."

-- Marco Soppelsa

"I've just read your notes about the film on your website (which I have been reading due to having bought a Creative Zen MP3 player). I first saw you on the Creative news forum and am impressed by your website and wealth of music / film 'knowledge'. Keep up the good work, your website is fantastic and extremely useful (not only to me but many others I suspect)."

-- Gordon Hadley

"I just wanted to drop you a line and compliment your website on it's comprehensive Donnie Darko section. I got the link off one of your posts at the IMDB Darko message board and wanted to compliment your friendly demeanor on a site that is overpopulated with hyperbolic scumbags."

-- Colin Dering

"Hey, I'm not sure exactly who it is I'm writing to, but I just wanted to let you know your website on Donnie Darko has really helped me. I had watched the movie three times and was still a little fuzzy on what exactly was going on. The FAQ's on your site pretty much cleared it all up for me."

-- Quinn

"I'd like to say I realy enjoyed reading your site as it was very helpful."

-- Jesse

"I would like to say thank you for your great FAQ. It is nicely done."

-- Matt Nolan

"thanks for making your website, I enjoyed it."

-- Erwin Nellestijn

"I am facinated by this movie, and you have helped me understand it so much better. thank you."

-- Zack Chapman

"This is a very good faq and helped me to understand lots of the film that I wasn't sure of - very well done and thank you! Keep up the good work."

-- Richard Palin

"Great movie collection, smart analysis of Donnie Darko, great music taste (most of it ;) ) Just wanted too tell you that…"

-- Kristian

"I thought I'd write you an email to thank you for your FAQ on Donnie Darko. It makes things so much easier."

-- Steph B

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