Well, what can I tell you?

I'm living in Brazil (the city of São Paulo) and need a job. If anyone can help with this; I am experienced in IT, Defence and Civil Engineering, and can lend a hand to most things. I also now have some experience in teaching English, and can therefore teach privately or within a school to any students who are at an Intermediate level or above. I naturally enjoy plenty of varied and challenging work. For the genuinely interested I can provide a CV on request.

If you want to contact me via IM here are the various methods:

AIM status captaincorrado (Add Buddy, Send Message)

ICQ UIN:ICQ status 315322570 (Add User, Send Message)

Yahoo status fide1io (Add User, Send Message)

MSN Username: stainsteelrat@hotmail.com

In a blatant attempt at narcissism these are some pictures of my hideous visage (click the thumbnail for a slightly more bandwidth hungry version). That's about it really! What else can I tell you? e-mail me

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